Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It was singularly the most exciting sports experience of my life, well, aside from when the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series year, but that is more of a religious experience than a sporting one.

Wednesday of last week we where lucky enough to attend a World Cup qualifying match between the Korean National team, and the Iranian National team. And although the game ended in a 1-1 tie, what a tie it was. First off, we got the "hook up" in term of seats. To start off with they were free! They were in class one seat, which are the ones closet to the field, and, they were free! Basically or director got a handful of 50,000 won (about $45, which is crazy expensive for sports tickets here) seats and passed them around the office. We actually had too many tickets, so many in fact that we were able to sell one and still have enough tickets to give to all of our friends.

If, you have never been to a World Cup soccer game before than I am sure you have never experience a world cup cheering section. It is truly I sight it behold and even more of a sight to hear (I don't think that latter part of that sentence makes any sense, but you get the idea). Here is a picture of the South Korean cheering section:

Now, while this particular section was LOUD throughout the entire day, even they could not match the eruption that occurred when South Korea tied it up in the second half. I am proud to say that we where very much a part of this madness, along with the cheering section, screaming in general, and especially when the scored. In he end I lost my voice and made a new friend. Me and my new friend:

Here are a couple of more pictures from the game:

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