Monday, June 15, 2009

when a Korean guy meets an American girl

This was a hot and muggy Sunday morning. Friend and I attended an AU-couple wedding in Incheon. It was held in a huge wedding hall and went with two other wedding in the same time.
The wedding had two part, western style and Korean style. The western style is nothing new than what we thought. After the western part, the groom and bride change their western cloth into Korean traditional cloth "hanbok".

The lunch was provided in a huge food court with cafe-styled way. We can realize that alcohole is not strictly controlled as in US. Every table has a bottle of traditional Korean alcohole "Soju" which is easy to reach by even a ten years old kid. Btw, the food there is awesome and eye-dazzling. Korean food, western food, Japanese food or Chinese food all you can eat.

What the couple was doing in the phote above is their traditional way of saying thank you to attendees. They visited and bowed table by table, from senior to junior. After visited and thanked every table, then they can have a little bit food. After the lunch, we were invited to groom's restaurant to have anthor feast. It was a shame that our stomach had ready filled with those cafe food.

That was an interesting experience to see how Western and Korean way of wedding mix together into a modern Korean way of wedding. Unfortunately that we are not allow the see their traditional part of wedding ritual. That was basically between family members.

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